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The STUFF: Unlock Your Power to Overcome Challenges, Soar, and Succeed

by Sharlee Jeter and Sampson Davis

The Stuff [noun]: A cultivatable inner fortitude used by people to overcome obstacles, soar, and succeed.

Everyone has the Stuff—but sometimes we need help harnessing it.

Survivors of difficult circumstances themselves, Dr. Sampson Davis and Sharlee Jeter were inspired to study and interview people who’ve somehow been able to rise above the darkness when tragedy struck. Through these individuals’ triumphant stories, the pair have uncovered several common elements displayed by those who endure. This only strengthened their belief that everybody has within themselves the Stuff: the power to overcome any obstacle.

Through the lens of more than two dozen inspiring stories, including Sharlee and Sampson’s own, The Stuff highlights eleven core concepts that will help readers not only survive but thrive in spite of life’s complexities, hurts, and disappointments. These elements are as easy to understand as they are to enact—and are presented in plain talk and without judgment—making The Stuff the perfect book to give someone dealing with an illness, a divorce, a new opportunity, or any life challenge.